Sarah’s Filter and Court

Today Sarah had blood work done to determine if her surgeon should remove the filter that was put in place back in August when she had surgery for her blood clots. This is the first step in the decision of whether or not to remove the filter. Step two is to check the filter for clots. If there are no clots in the filter, and her blood test is normal, then we will talk about when to remove the filter. If there are any blood clots in the filter then it will have to remain in place, as removing the filter would release the clot or clots and they would possibly travel to her lungs. It should only be a couple of days before I have the results. Sarah is still on two shots of blood thinner each day to help prevent any future clots. 
Tonight while we are sleeping, court will be held for Bella and Allysen across the ocean. I ask for prayer that everything will go well and that tomorrow Bella and Allysen will be our daughters. I feel so blessed that this is almost over and I pray that everything goes well. 


  1. She is SO beautiful! I'm so excited that your girls will one step closer to home tomorrow!!!!

  2. I'll be saying a prayer tonight before I lay my head down to sleep for a good result on the court decision.

    Sarah is so beautiful. Praying that all goes well with her tests to resolve her clot issues.

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