Shutter Hugger

So my granddaughter, Reagan, came over yesterday and I took her into my bedroom and tried to get a few pictures of her on my bed. She wanted nothing to do with that. She fussed and reached out to be picked up and basically let me know that she cared nothing about having her picture taken. I resorted to getting out a bunch of bright beads — knowing she would love them and I would get some really cute pics. She did NOT love them and she actually seemed to hate them touching her at first. Finally, she calmed down a bit and started playing with the beads a little and I tried to get a few good pictures. But, she paid no attention to me no matter how hard I tried to get her attention — I called and made noises and Abigail stood next to me and made silly sounds and called her. Reagan looked to the left and the right and up and down but barely gave me a glance. I just wanted a few pics with her looking into the camera.  Oh, well. 
So, I have now ordered this little guy. I am thinking that Reagan may find him amusing or that he will at least get her attention for a few seconds. 
You put him on your camera’s lens and he is suppose to help get your child to look at the camera. If it really works then he will be useful for Bella, too. I don’t think Sophia will pay any attention to him, but you never know. 




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