The Guangzhou Zoo

We had planned all week to go to the zoo on Friday. Of course, when we got up Friday it was raining. We were not sure whether we would be going or not, but at 11:00 as planned, our guide was here to take us. She came with umbrellas which made it possible for me to take my camera.
The zoo is not far from the hotel so it was a short ride. I had my bag on one shoulder, my umbrella in one hand and my camera in the other hand — and my camera is heavy. It was a little difficult to get pictures in the rain as I had to hold the umbrella over me to keep my camera dry. But, I did manage to get some I liked and I didn’t want to go to the zoo and come back with no pictures. It isn’t like we will ever go back.

The girls loved it and it was very nice even in the rain. The walking paths were paved and nice and wide so the girls had plenty of space to run and look. We walked and walked and both girls loved all the animals. Abigail was a little disappointed as the pandas would not come out so we never got to see them — and that was the one animal she wanted to see. I guess they didn’t like the rain.  





There were lots of animals to see and most of them were outside and if they weren’t they came out before we left. As soon as we got to the elephants’ house, one walked out the door. Both girls were pretty excited. He then walked over and went right back inside, but at least they saw him. 
Towards the end of our walk we came to some rides and, of course, both girls wanted to ride them. I let them ride several as it wasn’t really raining very hard, though the rides were rather wet. Both Piper and Tess loved riding and I would imagine it was their first time. They didn’t want to stop and were rather irritated with me when I said “no more.” 
It was a pleasant day and I’m glad we went in spite of the rain. It was a nice end to our time in China. Now, it is almost time to come home. We won’t be doing anymore sightseeing — just getting everything in order to leave. I am ready and so are both girls — Abigail, too. 


  1. I can't wait for you to get home with them!

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