Today In Guangzhou

Today we got up early to take the girls to breakfast before going to their medical appointments at 8:20. The breakfast buffet here was great and Piper and Tess found lots they liked. 
The medicals went well and now we are waiting for the results of their TB test which was a blood draw. We hear how it turned out on Monday. After the medicals we came back to the hotel to complete some paperwork. That didn’t take very long and then we were free to do whatever we wanted the rest of the day.

We walked around some and took a few pictures. Piper and Tess are not fond of walking. They get tired quickly. So, after a short time we took them to McDonald’s for lunch. They each got a happy meal which they seemed to enjoy. We sat outside as it was so very crowded and there wasn’t a single place to sit. Looked like they like McDonalds better here than we do in the states. 





After lunch we came back to the hotel for a little while. I let the girls watch some TV and we just sat around. They get bored with not much to do here. Tess loves TV and will watch and watch, but Piper gets bored quickly. So, after about an hour of TV we went back out to walk and do a little sightseeing. It was interesting and both girls seemed a little more willing to walk this evening. It was a fairly pleasant day and I feel good that the medicals are over and now we wait for results and then our consulate appointment on Thursday.  
It won’t be long and we will finally be on our way home! 












  1. The girls are adorable! I'm anxious for you to get home and see how they adjust. Did you mention if they have any special needs?

  2. They are both beautiful little girls, I am so happy for them and for your family. How old are they? I love the names you picked!

  3. Tess turns 8 in June and Piper turns 8 in July.

  4. Erin, my iPad seems to have deleted your email. Could you email me?

  5. Piper seems to have needed a buddy and Tess is the one chosen. Love watching all of your family. Safe travels home.

  6. Wow, how nice that they are so close in age…I bet they will become very close, once they settle in 🙂

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