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I want to thank everyone for the kind words and prayers for our family — our son and his wife and children. We truly appreciate all prayer, and hope you will continue to remember us. 
I started out reading a lot this spring and then as things started happening I really slowed down for a while. I have started up again and it is actually a comfort to sometimes do the same things you always do over and over. So, we read and read. 
We read another Lattimore book — First Grade and it was enjoyed by all. An easy read and pretty short. Next we read A Home for Grandma by Joyce Miller. This was a very sweet book about a family that was making room for Grandma to come live with them. All of the children had such a good attitude and sweet spirit about welcoming her into their home. Everyone seemed to like this book. Then another Lattimore book — Beachcomber Boy, which was enjoyed. It was a quick read as it isn’t a very long book. We then read Eddie’s Green Thumb by Carolyn Haywood and The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. 
I think the favorite book so far this summer is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnette. Everybody seemed to love it. Even Sarah kept asking questions about it and she doesn’t always pay a lot of attention when I read. Bethany and Andrew were very interested in the garden and how it had been locked up and nobody had been in it for years. I also loved this book as a child and read it many times. 
We are now reading The Five-and-a-Half Club which is an old Alice and Jerry reader from 1942. It is actually a nice book to read in the summer as it is about several children that are bored during summer vacation and so they start a club. So far this book is very well liked, but I find that most of the books we read are enjoyed by at least several of the kids. 
Bella had been outside playing most of the day and was quite hot and sweaty — and dirty. 





  1. Even as an adult, everything about the Secret Garden continues to delight and amaze me. The writing, the imagery, the characters, the setting… such a great book about transformation, believing in yourself, making friends, and so many other morals. I was obsessed with everything Secret Garden as a child, and still remain fascinated to this day. It transcends the centuries, and may it continue to be a favourite in the hearts and minds of children everywhere for years and decades and centuries to come.

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