Keeping the Grandkids

We are watching Joshua and Madelyn for a few days while Joey and Shannon have some time together. I know that this will be good for them even though they had a very difficult time leaving the kids — since they have never left them before. They were able to take a few days and go to Bald Head Island. It is an amazing place and I know they will really enjoy their time there. This is not something they could have done if not for the generosity of a very exceptional math tutor. We have had the same math tutor for over 20 years and she is wonderful. She also happens to own a home at Bald Head Island. She gave Joey and Shannon the gift of spending some time there– 5 nights to be exact. This was such a blessing. 
I have to say that I have been amazed at the kindness of so many people since Joey was diagnosed with his brain tumor. I don’t think a Sunday goes by that someone doesn’t give him and Shannon a card or just offer kind words. It really makes such a difference to us and them. To realize that friends and neighbors take the time to care means more than you can imagine. This is something I have never even thought much about before. I guess now I realize how much an act of kindness can mean to someone that is going through a difficult time. 


Today was our first day keeping Joshua and Madelyn. Joey and Shannon left this morning. Zola went to their house as Madelyn was still asleep. I took our other kids to church and later that afternoon went over to the house and on the porch was a beautiful gift basket. In it was a truck for Joshua and little bath toys for Madelyn — among other things. It was perfect timing since it was their first day without mom and dad. Joshua could not wait to open the truck and Madelyn loved the little animals. I texted Joey immediately and let him know about the gift basket, because I knew he was worrying about the kids. I also included a picture of them playing with the toys. He texted back immediately. It really made him happy to see the kids so excited about their new things. I knew then that he could enjoy the rest of his evening. 


If I have learned anything from this experience, I guess it is that you never know how much something you do for someone can mean — no matter how big or small it is. It is the fact that someone cares. So, the next time you think that a card or note you give just won’t mean that much – think again.
I thank everyone for their prayers for my son. He is feeling pretty good right now. Just really tired. He has another MRI scheduled the end of November and we pray for good news. Please continue to pray for him. 
I actually took these pictures of Joshua and Madelyn last week when they visited us. Not today.

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