Surgery and Ducks

This past week Piper had some surgery done. Things went pretty well except for one surprise problem. Piper complained about her leg hurting as soon as surgery was over. It seemed strange to me but I figured she just had a lot of pain and couldn’t really tell what hurt. But, I noticed the next morning that her leg was swollen and very hard and she was again complaining. So, I brought it to the attention of several doctors as Piper was not talking to anyone — except me. The whole leg problem has been very odd and something I have never heard of. Apparently, because of this surgery being a very long surgery and her legs in the same position for a very long time she has some damage to her muscle. This is something I never even thought of when we were preparing for this — and we have been told it is very unusual. We have been doing bloodwork every single day and sometimes several times a day to watch certain numbers that signal possible kidney problems from this injury. So, she is home and doing well except for her leg — which she can’t walk on at all. We have to carry her everywhere. This is not an easy task as she also has to drink tons and tons of liquids to flush her system. 
Tomorrow we see the doctor again and go to the lab for bloodwork. It is very important for her numbers to come down or she will be back in the hospital. I think they will be down some as we have flooded her with Gatorade.. That is what we were told to give her and boy have we. I am hoping this will resolve quickly.
Right after we got home from the hospital Abigail asked if she could get a duck. This was pretty much out of the blue. Now I’m not a pet person and I know that sounds bad to a lot of people. But, I’m just not that fond of animals. I think they look cute and I like to see pictures of them, but I never really have the desire for any kind of animal. But, I figured it was time I gave in and said yes to a pet – if a duck is a pet. So, I did. Abigail and Zola went out immediately and each bought a baby duck. They are very cute and everybody loves them and wants to hold them – except I don’t really want to. But, I am getting used to them and once they are outside I will like them even better. I told Abigail that I think a bunny would have made a cuter picture. 



Today a friend from church sent home some things for Piper and she played on the sofa all afternoon. For a child that is so active I am sure it is hard for her to sit around all day long with her leg propped up.

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