Miracles In Motion – Dance Recital

Sunday afternoon Sarah, Claire and Bella had their dance recital. They were all pretty excited and I think Sarah talked about it for weeks and weeks. Though Sarah talked about it constantly, when the time came to dance I think she was the most scared on stage. She just had this look. Claire looked like she hadn’t a care in the world and was very animated and Bella also did pretty well. She didn’t seem very nervous.
It was a really nice afternoon and after all the work building up to it, I was glad to just be able to sit and watch. We were surprised when Meredith and Reagan showed up and that really made Sarah happy and I think Bella enjoyed seeing Reagan. The recital was great and I think I enjoyed it more than almost any they have had. The kids looked so nice and Kim did such a wonderful job with so many kids — has to be unbelievably hard to plan and carry out a recital of this caliber. 
I have some pictures to post but will do them over several days since there are right many. I thought I would start with the hair and makeup. We were able to get there early and have their hair and makeup done and that was great. Saved me so much work. It was really for the kids that take the Plus class, but since I have Bella they went ahead and did her also. 
I didn’t take many pictures as the lighting was awful but I did want to have a few of them getting ready. 







After Bella had her makeup on and her hair done she danced a little in the hall for me. I thought she looked pretty cute. I look at her and think how much she has grown and changed in the past 4 years since she has been here. I wish the women in the orphanage could see her now.

I will have pictures of the kids dancing next time. 


  1. Bella looks so cute and so grown up! Love her picture dancing in the hall and also the way she looks at herself in the mirror. So, so pretty!

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