The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 20

Today our special thing may seem a little lame, but it counts. I had shopping to do and a ton of wrapping I had to get done so I just decided to bring down the stockings and let the kids go through them. Strangely enough, they had all been begging to get them out and go through them but I was going to wait till Christmas Eve. But, it was a busy day and it seemed like a good thing to do so we got them out of storage and everyone started looking through the bucket for their stockings. Funny how much they like to do that. I mean they are the same ones we had last year and the year before and the year before, but they love to pull them all out and ask about them and show theirs off. We have a lot of extras that we have accumulated over the years. 
I guess what really kind of made me decide to get the stockings out today was that Katie came over this afternoon and wrapped gifts with me. That was really nice because wrapping alone is so boring. Anyway, after we wrapped for awhile and as she was getting ready to leave she asked where her stocking was and I knew then we would get them out for our special thing. 
So, we made it to day 20 and I can’t believe we only have four more days to post before Christmas. This year it has seemed easier to think of things to do most days and we have really enjoyed almost everything we have done. I am pretty sure the kids will want to do this again next year. 
So, early this evening the kids sat in the family going through a bucket of stockings thoroughly enjoying themselves. Bethany and Tess are going to hang the new ones they made in sewing class and they are pretty excited to do that. They look as nice if not nicer than any of the stockings we have bought over the years. 


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