I know it’s autumn when the morning light comes late, 
When there’s a pumpkin muffin on my breakfast plate. 
      Eileen Spinelli
Today we did what we do every first day of autumn — we ate pumpkin muffins for breakfast.
Later in the day I met my oldest daughter at the mall to pick up some candles. We had a nice visit and it was relaxing to get out for a little while. While I was looking around I got a text message that my Amazon Prime Now order would be arriving soon. I was a little surprised as I had not ordered anything and called home to let Bill know that if it came to ask about it, as I had not placed an order. 
When I got home our island was covered with gluten free foods. Covered. Our daughter, Megan, had sent tons of things from Whole Foods for Claire since she was just diagnosed with celiac disease. Claire was thrilled that everything was for her – especially since she loves to eat so much. I could not believe how much Megan sent for her. There was just so much stuff. 



  1. Your kids are all so thoughtful. What a wonderful thing to do to get Claire started on her new journey!

  2. Pumpkin muffins for breakfast sounds great! 🙂

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