This Week

We haven’t done a lot this week, but the kids always find something they enjoy doing. We stay home a lot and we have been doing a unit study on pioneers that the kids are enjoying. It is something fun to do when the weather is just so hot in the middle of the day and they do love to do history units.  We just take about an hour each day and read and talk and then some days do a small project. 


One week ago on Thursday we bought 50 pounds of Georgia peaches. We ordered them and then picked them up curbside. They were so good. Believe it or not we have none left just 8 days later. We ate them and made pie and gave a few away and now we have none. They really were delicious, but they will not be back our way unfortunately. 


I took a few of the girls with me to visit my mom this week and they ate dinner outside in her back yard — Happy Meals! Their favorite. They played around in the yard and then I decided to take them for a short walk around the neighborhood. I haven’t walked it in a long time and just kind of wanted to look around a little since I pretty much grew up there. So, we walked and the girls looked at every flower and bush and tree. I guess we have done so many nature walks they just naturally start trying to figure out what different plants are and want to look up the name and read about them. It was a nice walk and I took a few pictures as I feel like I have been lacking in the picture taking area lately. I just haven’t had much to take pictures of it seems. 


Bethany stayed home to do an afternoon vest since we had to do her spirometer afterwards and get her numbers sent to her pulmonologist before it got really late. She usually knits or paints or reads as she does her vest. She has really started reading a lot more this summer. She has always loved books but this summer something changed and she has probably doubled her reading time. We still read tons together as she and all the kids love read aloud time. It is a time we know we always have together everyday and I enjoy that, also. 

It was a quiet but nice week. The kids missed going to Bible School this year but their Sunday school teacher actually sent them the CD with all the music on it and they were thrilled. I know now that my days will be filled with Bible School songs – more often than I want to hear. 


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