Katie and Ben got home late last night and picked up Kennedy this morning. She has been with us for the past week and I know she was really glad to see mom and dad again. The kids did enjoy playing with her while she was here and they really liked taking her for walks in her little wagon. I enjoyed that also. We put her in her red wagon and walked around the neighborhood and stopped to look at the creek and the fall leaves and even some berries on some of the bushes. I think Kennedy enjoyed the creek best. We all love walks in the fall and would have loved to pull her through the woods, but I don’t think her wagon would have allowed that.

Tomorrow we are back to school and WWll. We have a couple of new books to start and a couple of movies I might let the kids watch – one being The Hiding Place. Everyone is really enjoying this study and we are in no hurry to finish it.

Look at Kennedy’s eyes. They are so much like her mom’s when she was little.

Kennedy actually dug that hole in the sandbox and plopped down in it and sat for a long time. It was really cute to watch her. She loved the sandbox.

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