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We just finished the book Number the Stars by Lois Lowry a few days ago and we all enjoyed this book very much. The story takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943 and is told from the point of view of a ten year old named Annemarie Johansen. Annemarie and her family help their Jewish friends get safely away from the Nazis and escape to Sweden. It is a story of bravery and true friendship and all of the kids were caught up in the story. It gave the kids an idea of what it was like for Jewish families during WWll, and how dangerous it was for those who helped them escape to a safe place.

We are now reading Letters From the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll and it also takes place during WWll. We still have quite a bit to read in this book, but there seems to be a little mystery involved for Olive and Cliff who are siblings that are sent away from London to be safe from bombing. Not sure how this will go, but we do like it and it also goes along with our study of WWll. This is probably our last book about the war and I think we will actually miss this unit we have been doing in history.

I’m just posting some more of the pictures from Sunday as I had a lot, but didn’t want to post them all at once – just too many.

I think this last picture of Georgia sums up how she felt about the entire event.


  1. Hi, love your blog.
    Does Sophia participate in family activities?
    Hope she’s doing well!

    • Yes, Sophia does participate if it is something she can enjoy. Sophia does not like to be around many people at once. If we have extended family and friends over she can get upset and yell and cry. So we have to monitor what she participates in by how she reacts to the activity. She did watch the animals from a distance as she does not like being around a large animal like a horse. She sat on the deck most of the time with the adults and kids when they ate. Sophia just does not enjoy large groups of people – though she is doing much better with them than she used to. She is doing well, but has had some medical issues that have kept us busy with her – seizures being the issue that has kept us at the doctor and lab constantly. We were at the doctor’s office again today and he has finally let us go more than 2 weeks without lab work and more than 3 weeks without an appointment. Hopefully, we have gotten things under control. She also hates going to the doctor and can get very worked up over a visit.

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