The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 1

Today was the first day of our Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas. We started off with breakfast from Einstein’s. The kids were super excited as they love Einstein’s, but it didn’t turn out exactly as we hoped. Everyone just wanted cinnamon sugar bagels with cream cheese and orange juice. I ordered the bagels and they said they had zero cinnamon sugar ones so I figured the next best thing would be chocolate chip and ordered those. Then I went down to pay and get the cream cheese and they had no cream cheese. Well, that would not go over well if I went home with no cream cheese so I had to leave Einstein’s and go to the grocery store to get the cream cheese and thankfully they had it. So, a trip that should have taken me like 25 minutes took me almost an hour. The kids were a little disappointed, but still liked the bagels. I guess this was not my best idea.

I also handed out their new Christmas PJs and that went very well. Everyone was very happy and they all loved them and thankfully they all fit. So, tonight they all went to bed in new Christmas jammies. It all turned out good.

Oh, of course, we read the book The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas this morning to start off the day.


  1. Claudia Y Allen says

    I love the Christmas jammies! They all look so cute…It’s great to see Sophia too, such a beautiful little girl. She looks so good.

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