Beautiful Sunday

Today was such a beautiful day and the kids played out almost all day long. It was so nice to see them swing on our rope swing and ride on the hammock and sing and sing and sing. That is one of their favorite things to do. I know that it will get cold again, but I sure am enjoying all this nice weather. 
We have strep here so we have had to avoid seeing Joey and his family which is sad cause it is just so nice outside. Bethany was begging me to take her over to play on Joshua’s swing, but I just couldn’t risk it even though she is not sick and is actually on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. We will just wait a few days before visiting anyone. 


I took a few of the kids to the mall to pick up some dinner on Saturday and Bethany wanted Chinese so we stopped at China Max. The guy there saw Piper and asked if she was Chinese and I said yes and that she had been here for one year. He asked if she spoke Chinese and I tried to get her to say something, but she acted pretty clueless as to what I wanted her to do. Then she did something rather funny. I asked her if she could say hi in Chinese and then she actually said, “Hi in Chinese”. She just didn’t get I wanted her to speak in Chinese. I think they are losing most of their language and I am looking for a place for them to go and practice speaking in Chinese. I think I have found a place. I do want them to keep their language. 



They played out until it was dark and ate their dinner on the front porch. Bella just didn’t want to come in. She was still riding the scooter as it got dark and I had to make her come in to get ready for bed. How she loves to play outside. 

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