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Happy Birthday Piper

Piper turned 9 years old and has basically told every single person she has seen today. Happy Birthday Piper!



Joey just finished a week of chemo. A week that was dreaded as his blood work was not looking good at all and getting worse by the day instead of better. But, his doctor decided he would do chemo even though his numbers were bad – that it would probably be worse not to do it. We were pretty worried. Today he had to go back to the lab as his doctor felt he needed to be checked immediately after chemo as this is when his numbers get even worse. It was a miracle. All of his blood work looked better and a lot better. That is basically unheard of for him on chemo week. Things always look a little worse right after chemo and sometimes a lot worse. But, this time things actually look good. Thank you to everyone that prayed for him. This is such a blessing for us. He is feeling pretty tired, which is to be expected on chemo week, but not that sick. He actually sounded pretty good when I talked to him today. He feels blessed. So do I. 
Bella in her usual good mood. She is almost always happy. 

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