Piper and Tess

So, I was going to try to write a little about each girl and her personality. I started writing and then just realized it was useless. I really don’t know enough about them to do that. I thought I did, but as I started writing I realized I don’t really have much to say as I really know so little at this point. 
What I do know is — Piper, though seemed so bossy and sure of herself at first, actually seems so very unsure frequently throughout the day. An example — we spent a little time baking today and several of the kids joined in.
Everybody helped a little at something — whether it was mixing or adding ingredients or whatever. Piper and Tess were very interested. They both came to join in. Tess seemed very sure of herself and was very anxious for a chance to help. Given the spoon and the batter, Tess took over like she had worked in a bakery. 


Piper also wanted to help, but when given the spoon to mix a little she seemed so uncertain of what to do and almost scared to do anything. It was strange for me as I watched her face — I have always thought of her as being so bold and aggressive. She sure seemed that way at first, but maybe it was not really her — I just don’t know. 

Piper mixed and helped and seemed to enjoy herself but when she had to do something alone she definitely seemed a little uncertain. This does not seem like the same little girl that ran into our hotel room that first day. She kept looking at me to make sure everything was ok. Just so uncertain. 
They both did seem to enjoy the whole baking process, though. We made several things so everybody would have a chance to help. 


 The girls fight a lot. They still hit and kick all the time. Piper is extremely jealous. She doesn’t even like me to take a picture of Tess. When I try, she will run in front of the camera and that makes Tess furious. It takes a little work to get a picture of Tess alone as Piper is always there to join in the picture. As long as I get both girls in the picture, Piper is happy. Just don’t leave her out!



It is going to take some time before I really get to know them and can write much about them other than just day to day stuff. We are busy learning about each other and getting to truly know each other and that will take a little time. But, things are going pretty well and I have high hopes that things will get even better.




  1. Thank you for the update on your newest blessings!

  2. They're both such cutie pies! I continue to pray for your whole family. Such a big adjustment, adopting more than one at the same time! How is their language coming? Are they starting to form friendships with your other kids? I know when our girls came home, there were some quick bonds made. I'm glad Piper is starting to seem uncertain. Maybe it means she's starting to let her guard down.

  3. They spend a lot of time just talking to each other so I think the language will be a little slower than if we only had one. They fight a lot but also talk a lot to each other. I also think since we got two at once they are not bonding with the other kids as well, as they just spend so much time talking and playing together. Hopefully, they will eventually start playing more with the other kids.

  4. They're so beautiful! It is nice for them that they have each other too. Like you said, you all need more time to get to know each other. They've got lots of time now that they're home! Ally is still making progress after 3 years home and Sophie feels like she's still settling in at 10 months.

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