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What We Are Reading

We have been reading all month, but I just haven’t gotten around to documenting what we read. We have just read easy light books that most of the kids have enjoyed. Reading is something I really enjoy doing with the kids and they always beg for more so I know they love it, too. I also bought a new mark-my-time bookmark since we lost our old one. I just started using it last week, but I plan on using it every time I read because we have so much fun seeing how many hours we have read every month. We only read for 6 hours and 5 minutes this past week but I think we will pick up the pace in September. 
We have read James Harriot’s Treasury for Children, The Children of Willow Farm by Enid Blyton, More Adventures on Willow Farm by Enid Blyton, George’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl and we just finished Song of The Brook by Matilda Nordtvedt this afternoon. I think most of these books were a hit. I do know that I have never heard the kids laugh as much as they did when I read George’s Marvelous Medicine. They just loved this book and have asked me to read more by Roald Dahl. I think maybe we could get one more by him read before school starts. 
I’m trying to pull together all of my books and unit studies — some old and some new — for our new school year. I have a few new things planned for this year to go along with all of our usual studies. I have bought notebooks for the kids to journal in and they have written a couple of times — though I got them for the new school year. I think they are going to enjoy journaling about their days along with the nature journals they always do. 


Andrew made some potpourri yesterday. He used a food dehydrator and picked flowers from my garden to use. It was his first time trying and it turned out pretty nice. We just need a bowl and a little oil and I think it will look and smell really nice in our family room. 
Oh, and Andrew broke his wrist Friday evening as he was skateboarding. It has been a long time since we have had a broken bone here. 






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