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Today Bethany and Tess did the advent reading and lit the first advent candle of the season. I’m so glad they were asked to do it as it was rather special to them. We have been talking about advent now for several weeks and preparing for it.

We have had advent and Christmas on our minds for quite awhile and we are hoping to make this a very meaningful season. We have some plans and some special things we want to do and, of course, we are ready to do our Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas. We will be starting that on the first of December. We always start off with the book and then each day do our small thing which I will explain better on our first day. Sometimes I start to wear down near the end, but we have finished every single year except the year that Bill was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve with covid and even then we only missed one day.

I thought I would just post a bunch of pictures of the past week or so. We did a lot of playing and making stuff for our Christmas tree and we have also done a lot of reading which I seem to be behind in posting. We have actually already read a couple of Christmas books – which we usually don’t start till December 1st. Oh, and John put more lights on my house and the kids were so excited. It is rather hard to get up so high and get all the lights on, but it is finally done. This will be a little picture heavy.

Pastor Chuck

Our pastor passed away last Wednesday, November 2. It was a very sad day for our family and our church. Pastor Chuck was an inspiring preacher and and we will miss him so much. He baptized and dedicated so many in our family and we all loved him so much. Bethany loved to draw pictures for him and Sarah and Caroline always wanted to write him notes and hug him. Sarah always said to him when she would leave church each Sunday — “You are the best pastor” and she definitely meant it. And that’s how all our family feels – “You were the best pastor, Pastor Chuck.”

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