The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 23

Today our special thing was to go to the Christmas cantata, come home and have snacks while opening gifts the kids got from church. It may actually be a stretch to call this our special thing, but that is it. It has been a long week and a busy one and I decided this would have to be it for today and the kids seemed happy. They are always happy with snacks and gifts and the cantata was one of my favorites. So, this was fine with the kids as a special thing and we just pretty much relaxed the rest of the day – well, I did have some things to finish up. 
The short video clip is not of the cantata, but the end of the service as everyone was leaving. My son is the pianist for the church and I grabbed this as church ended. He did a wonderful job on the cantata today as did everyone else and I am blessed by all the help he gave us this season – he played all the music for the program the kids did last week and he is a wonderful big brother to so many.

This is very short as people were walking in front of me as they left church. 

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