The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 19

Today our special thing was kind of adjusted as two of my older daughters came over to visit and wrap presents. I decided that since we wanted to spend time visiting that I would let the kids watch another Christmas movie. They were great with that as they have only watched a couple this season. So, they watched a movie and I visited. Then after the movie my older girls left and I took the kids to McDonald’s to get hot chocolate and they did enjoy going out in the evening and having hot chocolate. As we were leaving to come home we saw a trolly car and it reminded me of several Christmases ago when we had delivered candy to McDonald’s and came out and saw one. We stopped and looked at it and then drove home looking at Christmas lights. It was a nice day.

Short clip of Michael as church ends and a couple of the girls go up as they always like to do at the end of the service.

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