The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 1

Today we started our Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas tradition. As usual, we read the book this morning and we never grow tired of it. Then our special thing was to have cinnamon rolls as we read. We only have cinnamon rolls at Christmas so this was a treat. It was a small start, but like I have always said we are not out to see how much we can do – just one small thing each day. The kids were pretty excited to get started and have been asking what we are doing tomorrow – which I haven’t even decided yet.

One of my older girls, Emily, also came over and we finished putting candy in my mom’s advent calendar and getting all of her advent gifts ready. We put a little piece of candy in each drawer of the wooden calendar we got my mom and for each day of December we bought her a small gift. We thought it might be kind of fun for her. Then we took that to her and visited for a little while.

It was a good day and I ended it by going to Reagan’s school concert – actually, she only sang one song but it was a nice way to start off December. We are excited to share each day of December.

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