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We Have An Appointment!

We finally have an appointment to be fingerprinted for our I-800A. It is not until the end of March, so I’m not sure if we’re going to wait, or walk in early. We’re really anxious to make our first trip, and the sooner we get approval, the sooner we travel. I guess we’ll decide what to do sometime this week.

We’ve had some pretty warm weather this past week, and the children have had fun playing outside.


Miracles In Motion

First, a quick update – – We are waiting for a fingerprint appointment at USCIS. We thought about going in early to speed things up, but my husband called USCIS twice and they told him NOT to come in early. We aren’t sure if they really won’t fingerprint us as a walk-in, or if they are just trying to discourage us from coming in before our appointment — which we have not received yet. We can’t decide whether to make the trip, and maybe wait half the day just to be sent home, or wait for our appointment. 

It’s Sunday afternoon, and this is the day that Sarah and Caroline start talking about their dance class. They belong to a dance group called Miracles In Motion and going to their class is the highlight of their week. All day Sunday, they talk about Monday and dance. It has been such a fun class for both of them. It has been especially good for Sarah who has a little trouble socializing and going to new places. Their teacher, Kim Moncrief, is so calm and so very encouraging – – even when Sarah is a little hard headed. They take a half hour of tap, and then an hour of creative movement – – I think that’s what it’s called. They absolutely love it.

They were in their first recital in December and I was very impressed. As the time drew near for their recital, I was actually kind of wishing that we had not committed, but Sarah and Caroline wanted to do the recital so much. So, we went – – oh my goodness, it was beautiful! I was amazed at what Kim had taught the children and how well it was performed. It was a beautiful program, and it was so wonderful watching my girls and all of the other children on stage performing for us. I am so glad I found this program. Here are a few pictures from the recital:


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