Sarah, Bethany and I are back from our trip to Tennessee. We had a great time and all of us have walked more in the past few days than we have probably this entire year. I just put my flash card in the computer to look at all the pictures I took and will post some pictures and a little about our trip later. It was a wonderful few days, but we are glad to be home. I also wanted to mention that this trip was actually a gift to me from my older kids. They knew I had talked about going to Tennessee to show Bethany and Sarah where my grandmother had lived and all the places I had visited when I was a kid. I had taken Zola and Abigail a couple of years ago and wanted to do the same with Sarah and Bethany. Anyway, all of my older kids chipped in and paid for the hotel, and also gave us spending money so everything was covered by them. Then they surprised me with this one evening and I was in shock that they had gone to all this trouble and done this for me. I am blessed. 

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