Sophia — 17 Months Home

I am not sure that a lot has changed for Sophia since I last posted about her. But, I can just give an idea of how she is doing. Change is very slow for Sophia so I don’t always have a lot of new stuff to report about her. She still has feeding problems but seems to be doing a little better. I think the one thing that may be a little different is that she seems to come out of her little world and into our world a little more lately. She just seems to be more aware of what is going on around her and sometimes seems to want to join in. She will almost always lift her hands for me to pick her up, and has actually started crying if she doesn’t like something. Her therapist tells me that the crying when she is unhappy or wants something is very good. 
One thing she really likes, and has for a long time, is water. We have a little pool on the deck for her and she loves it. Now the problem I have is that she wants to throw herself into the water, her head goes under, she comes up choking and coughing and laughing and then wants to do it again and again. It actually scares me. I don’t feel very comfortable with her choking and coughing and then throwing herself right back under. So, when she starts this I usually take her out of the pool. I don’t know why it doesn’t bother her to be coughing and choking but it doesn’t seem to bother her one bit — she actually laughs and laughs. 
She has gained weight — she now weighs over 40 pounds — she weighed 29 when she arrived.  Her hair is growing like crazy and I think it is beautiful. It is thick and slightly wavy.  




She gets so excited. Look at the expressions on her face as she comes up out of the water. 







  1. I thought she was beautiful in the orphanage but my goodness….with that hair she is just stunning! She seriously looks like a totally different child! You are making me think about growing Anya's out! She wouldn't keep it up before so I always cut it but she is doing much better now. I can not let Oksana's grow because she gets food in it like crazy. She also gets very angry when she has knots. Less hair = less knots. 🙂

  2. I was going to say she is stunningly beautiful in that dress but then I saw the prior comment used the same words! Her hair is gorgeous. I'm glad to hear she's becoming more aware even if it is gradual.

    Sue H.

  3. Her animation in water is amazing. And I'd take her out when she started the coughing choking stuff too. It would scare me. But, it must feel soooo good to be in that water and she just can't get enough. She is a beautiful child and I am so happy to see her slooooowly inching her way into our world. Has she done anymore pulling up?

  4. No, she hasn't even tried to pull up one time since that Father's day. We now think that one of our girls stood her up and pretended Sophia did it on her own. It seems the logical explanation as Sophia actually does not like to stand on her own or even with us helping and she NEVER tries on her own.

  5. Swimming lessons with a professional would be great therapy for both of your Little's. Sophia is beautiful! Just like ALL of her siblings. : )

  6. Swimming lessons would be a good idea — maybe I will try to find an instructor. Sophia does have a lot of trouble using her right arm, but she would have fun.

  7. She is just beautiful and she looks so content and loved.

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