Update On Bella And Sophia

We have been getting everything ready for Bella and Sophia to arrive. Their room is basically done — I have their clothes in their chests and dresses hung in their closet. I have bought diapers, wipes, blankets, baby shampoo, bottles, cups, and everything I can think of that they will need. 
Due to circumstances in our family at this time (Sarah’s health issues), Bella and Sophia will be escorted from Bulgaria to the United States. They are in a hotel in Sofia at this moment with their escort. Sophia was picked up from her orphanage on Thursday of last week and I was not told what day Bella was picked up, but I do know they are both in Sofia now. Their escort says they are doing well and are sweet children.  They will be arriving here on Saturday, January 19th in the evening. Most of our family will go to the airport to meet them. The kids are really excited. Bethany has asked at least 100 times in the past several days how long until her new sisters get here. I am hoping that they will not be afraid of us as we have not seen them in 7 months. 
My daughter and her husband, Ben, came by this past weekend and brought Reagan. The kids were thrilled to see the baby and it was so nice to have them visit. 
It was such a warm weekend here that the kids played outside almost the entire weekend. It was good to see them get out and play. 
Today I went to my daughter’s house to see Reagan for a short visit. Reagan has grown so much. She is now a little over two weeks old and is actually a very good baby. I couldn’t visit without taking my camera — even though it was a dark and dreary day. I still managed to get a few pictures. 


  1. So happy for this update! We'll keep your family in our prayers. Can't wait to see them home and forever.

  2. Can't wait to see the girls home! New baby Reagan is delightful. Thanks for sharing her with us 🙂

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