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Adventure Awaits

Today Bethany had a virtual appointment with her pulmonologist from the cystic fibrosis clinic. She also had to see the respiratory therapist, the nutritionist, pharmacist, physical therapist, and a social worker. It seems a little much sometimes, but it’s only every three months if she stays healthy so its ok. She is well and her FEV1 was great so we can go another three months. It was a long visit – about an hour and 45 minutes – so we were both glad when it was over.

When she was finished we decided to just spend some time together reading and to make it a little more special I went out and got a lot of snacks – strawberries, cheese and crackers, kettle corn, grapes, muffins, etc. We got everything ready and we all sat down to enjoy our newest book Adventure Awaits. I have to say we all really like this book and we read for quite a long time. Even Sarah is listening and she does not listen to a lot of the books anymore. After we read, the girls talked about which character they liked best and why and we had such a nice afternoon. As we talked about the book and why we liked it Tess told me she really liked it because it was homey. I kind of feel the same way. This is the first time I have read this and I am so glad I found it. The girls have already asked me to get the one that comes after this one and it is in my Amazon cart right now.

After all the reading the girls played badminton for a long time. Bella sat on the swing much of the afternoon. That girl loves to swing. There are days she swings for two or more hours. If I ever wonder where Bella is – the first place I look is on the swing and she is usually there.

Abigail came by with Shep around 9:00 this morning to visit not realizing Bethany had a 9:15 appointment. She actually waited and waited, but I think around 10:30 she left. I was a little sad as I wanted to see Shep, but I was surprised she waited as long as she did. The picture I am posting is actually from Saturday as I didn’t even have time to get a picture today – just too rushed and busy.

Past Few Days

The weather has been so beautiful for the past few days that we have been outside a lot. We have cleaned up the yard a little and mulched some and Bethany and Tess have pulled all the weeds around the Hydrangea and then trimmed the small Azaleas that were looking awful. They are going to mulch the garden tomorrow. It is looking really good. They did this to earn a little money to take with them the next time they go to Kings Dominion, but they said they actually enjoyed getting out and working in the yard a little.

We also spent a lot of time on the porch just talking and the kids playing games, eating watermelon and ice cream. We have really enjoyed the past few days. Aria has been showing Piper how to stand on her head and they have all played soft ball and Bethany and Tess brought the badminton rackets around front to play so they could be close to everyone else. It probably sounds pretty boring, but we have had a really great time just working and playing together. Oh, and we also spent this afternoon at the pool with Megan and her kids and Meredith and Abigail and their kids. We all had a great time.

We are also starting a new book – Adventure Awaits by Karen Kingsbury. Hoping everyone will like it. We plan on doing a lot of reading this summer – not that we don’t read a lot anyway – but, plan on a lot of peaceful days of reading and snacks and just spending lots of time together. We do have some classes coming up – photography camp, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons continue and the Bible school. So far we have had a great summer (even though we know actual summer is still a few days away).

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