Starting The Christmas Season

We have been doing a few things here and there for Christmas for the past couple of weeks, but now I feel like we are really in the Christmas season. We got our tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving like we have done for as long as I can remember and we have even put up a couple of small trees. Piper and Tess are about as excited as you can be and asking the same questions about Christmas over and over and over. Piper has no recollection of Christmas at all in China which I find strange as she was six months from her 8th birthday when she came home to us. Tess, on the other hand, remembers a little and said they had no gifts but they did get candy. They both talk non-stop about Christmas. 
This week we will probably pull out a few Christmas books — though we have actually already read one. We will decorate a little and then on the 1st of December we will start our Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas where we do something every single day leading up to Christmas. The something we do can be as small as putting candles in the windows or making cookies or even just putting a wreath on our front door. But, we will do some small thing every single day. All the kids loved doing this last year so we will repeat again this year. 
Getting our Christmas tree — we all met at the lot. 




Katie and Ben.
Joey and his family. I was so happy that Joey felt good enough to meet us and was actually able to eat.
Doing a little decorating at home. Well, Luke only watched. 





  1. Aw, it's good to see your son, Joey, out and about. I hope he is feeling well. He remains in my prayers, for total healing.

  2. We were really happy he made it and felt pretty good because ,unfortunately, he seems to feel bad much of the time. I really don't understand why he feels so bad now that his year of chemo is over but he does. He doesn't understand either so this has taken us by surprise. Hopefully, this will not last too long.

  3. Hi Sharon – From what I know and read, they do not celebrate Christmas in China. Some places that get more Western visitors will put up a tree in the lobby, like hotels, so there is no celebrations on 12/25. I would guess that's why the girls don't remember.
    Love your new rotating blog header!

  4. I guess that's why Piper remembers nothing and Tess only remembers getting candy.

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