What We Are Reading

This month we started off with a favorite author — Carolyn Haywood. We read Eddie And His Big Deals and it was a hit as always. We love Carolyn Haywood. Then we read The Doll Shop Downstairs by Yona Zeldis McDonough. This was also a good book and I especially liked how the family worked together in hard times. Bethany loved this one as she seems to always like the books about dolls. Piper didn’t listen to this one at all from what I could tell. It was just too much for her and I don’t think she understands what is going on in many of the books we read. Then we read The Youngest Artist by Eleanor Frances Lattimore. Now we are reading Gone-Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright. I love this book. It is really a wonderful read. I just hope the kids like it as much as I do. I read it years ago to my older kids and then again to another group and now again. We have only read a few chapters so it is hard to tell how much everyone will like it. But, I think this is such a good book and I like to read it in the spring and summer — it is close enough to spring. 
Unfortunately, I seem to have had another bad month of reading. We used our tracker and only read fourteen and a half hours this month. That seems so little and I have always thought we read a lot. Somehow this month ended up with so many doctor appointments and dental appointments that it must have slowed us down. But we always have a lot of apointments so maybe we don’t read as much as I thought. Hopefully, we will get back to full speed this next month. 
Please remember Joey in your prayers as this Saturday is when he has his next MRI. We are praying the shadow they saw was nothing and that the chemo is doing its job.




  1. Have you read anything else by Elizabeth Enright? She's one of my very favorites. I love "The Saturdays" series (The Saturdays, Four-Story Mistake, Then There Were Five, Spiderweb for Two). Thimble Summer is also one of my very favorite books.

  2. We have read "The Saturdays" and "The Four Story Mistake" . I guess we should read some others after this one. "Gone Away Lake " is my favorite so far.

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