New Skills

With lots of time on our hands we have been doing a few things we have wanted to do or planned to do one day and just never got around to it. For example, I have wanted a raised vegetable bed for several years, but just been too lazy or maybe just didn’t care quite enough to actually do it. Well, for some reason since we have been home all this time I have been motivated to do some of the things that have been on my list for years and our raised vegetable garden was one of those things. I am really happy with our gardens and so glad we finally have not one but two raised gardens, and now I am actually thinking of where I can put more. My older daughter commented to me the other day that she loved seeing all the things that people were doing while staying home. It is rather interesting. 
Bethany has also been trying out a few new things and one of them really took me by surprise. Several months ago I asked Bethany and Tess if they would like to learn how to knit as I saw a place that was giving lessons this summer and it sounded kind of fun. I also think I wanted them to learn as I kind of wish I had when I was young, but never did. Well, Tess said yes and Bethany had no interest at all. So, when the other day Bethany got off her vest and said she had learned how to knit I was kind of surprised and asked how that happened. Nobody in this house has any idea how to knit or crochet. She said she found a video and watched it and since she did not have knitting needles she just took the smore sticks we had and broke them and used those. Well, she had made something and I have no idea if it is correct as I know absolutely nothing about knitting, but she is having fun doing it and it looks like she might be doing it right. Maybe I will get her some real needles one day soon. 


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