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My granddaughter, Kennedy, celebrated her 4th birthday on Saturday. It started off as a rainy, messy day but ended up really nice. Kennedy looked so pretty and was so happy. When I got there she was happily eating cotton candy and smiling a big smile. It was a nice party with just a few people. I always enjoy seeing my grandkids playing together having fun. I am glad they all live close enough together to share birthdays, and holidays.

There was good food and a pretty cake, that was delicious, and cupcakes. Kennedy was not fond of the sparkler candle on her cake and jumped up and backed up towards the wall. She relaxed in a few seconds and got back up on the chair for cake.

There was a bouncy house inside and the kids had a blast and I’m sure they could be heard outside. It did keep them entertained and the adults were able to talk and visit. I really enjoyed myself and was glad I could be there. I think she had a wonderful time – Happy Birthday, Kennedy!


This past Saturday was really nice. Bethany went to church and practiced for Maundy Thursday. She has a speaking part and this year she also gets to sing a solo. Bethany loves to sing and was so happy she was asked. After I picked up Bethany we rushed home to get ready to go to Liam’s first ballgame.

We got there early and found a really great spot to watch from. John had brought chairs which made it nice and comfortable. Bethany, Tess and Aria went with me. They were so excited you would think they were playing. They loved watching Liam on the field and they also loved the concession stand where they spent lots of money. It really was fun and we will definitely go to another game – though, I think we will miss the one this Saturday as I think Kennedy’s birthday party is going to be at almost the same time as Liam’s game. But, he has lots more games we can go to. He did a really good job and I know he is going to be a great player. We had a great Saturday.

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