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A New Baby

Our oldest daughter, Meredith, had a beautiful baby girl on Friday – baby Georgia. She was a small one – or at least for our family she seems very small – 5lbs 11oz and 19 inches long. She is also a miracle baby according to all the doctors that saw her because she had a true double knot in her cord. According to them she could have died and it was a good thing our daughter was having some blood pressure issues so they decided they needed to take the baby early. We are just happy that she is here and doing well. Welcome baby Georgia!


What’s Going On Here

Things have been pretty slow here since we are home all the time. But, we have managed to stay busy and find things to do and we have been pretty content.

We would have been going to our daughter’s graduation this month except, of course, there are no graduation ceremonies going on right now. But, our daughter, Abigail, has worked very hard and graduated from nursing school this month – minus the ceremony. We are very proud of her and a little sad she had to miss out on her graduation as we know she has looked forward to it. But, she graduated summa cum laude and has a job starting in July. We are so proud of her and now we have two nurses in the family. 

I was thinking about doing this post the other day and asked Abigail to send me a few pictures of herself. So, she sent me this. It’s her when she was probably 2 – I’m not even sure. And next to her is her nephew, Finn that is almost 2 – we think they look a lot alike. 


This one is of her and Jonathan – they will be married this October. We feel so blessed that Jonathan will be joining our family. 


Most of our time lately has been spent reading aloud and cooking. We read every day several times a day and it has been a very relaxing time. We have also been cooking a lot. Definitely a lot for us. We have tried lots of new recipes and I think we have liked everything we have made. Today we cut up a ton of onions, green, red and jalapeno peppers – new dinner recipe. Tess helped me cut a lot of the peppers as she loves to be in the kitchen. All the kids like to watch though. It was a very pleasant day as we sliced and diced veggies and mixed 6 or 7 different spices and then more veggies while we played music on the record player that Abigail and Katie gave me for Christmas one year. The kids loved it and it was so nice to all be together in the kitchen as it rained and rained outside. 

Not only do we cook inside, but the girls have started cleaning and working in their outdoor kitchen. It was a real mess and a lot of their stuff from last year seemed to be missing. But, they cleaned and swept and rebuilt their oven and got a lot done. Now they need to put up their clothesline and get a few old dish towels from me. They always love doing this every year. 


After they cleaned and raked and got things looking a little better, they did actually play in it for a little while. Sometimes the cleaning and getting it ready can be as much fun as  playing in it later.


I’m glad to see them back in their kitchen working and playing and just having a good time together.

I would like to end my post with the most important thing going on in our lives right now. Though we have had a lot of quiet and peaceful days here lately, we have also had some sad and hard times. One of our very dearest friends is so very sick right now. He is in ICU on a ventilator in a drug induced coma with COVID19. We pray continually that he will get better soon. Our families have gone to church together more years than I can remember. He is one of the kindest and most thoughtful men we have ever known. We pray and hope you will all join us in praying he will get better soon and go home to his family. 

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