More Gardening

Since it didn’t rain today, we finished our second garden bed this afternoon. It was nice to have both finished and now we can start on more planting in other places. This evening I was looking for Bethany and one of the kids told me she was out weeding the garden against the house. I went out and there she was digging and trying to get the weeds out of the old garden bed. We usually till that garden up, but our tiller died so she was trying to work on it and see how hard it was going to be to get it dug up by hand. A few minutes later Aria was out there helping her and then Tess said as soon as she finished her dinner she would be out there helping. All three worked for an hour or more before coming in as it was getting dark. I love watching them do this and seeing their enthusiasm this year. I think its going to be a great spring and summer.


I had promised the girls that we would work in one of the gardens today and since we got so busy we didn’t get around to it till evening. It was sprinkling a little and getting dark, but we decided we wanted to finish the one garden bed we had been working on. So, we finished up one bed and started on the other one. There are only blackberry bushes in both gardens and not very big ones yet. We planted them last year and they have grown right much, but still aren’t very big yet. We enjoyed working in the evening with a tiny bit of rain and the spring warmth. It was a beautiful night. We worked till almost dark and then decided to call it an evening and finish up on Friday since it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow.

It brings me joy that the girls enjoy working in the garden so much and that it is something we can enjoy together. Bethany told me this evening that she is really enjoying working in the yard this spring and has some more ideas of things we could do. It is nice having helpers that enjoy what they are doing. I think we will be doing a lot of gardening for the next month or two.

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