Archives for September 2017

Finally Riding

It has taken a long time but Piper is finally riding a two wheel bike. She is so thrilled. She has watched everybody else on their bike riding up and down the street and she has wanted her training wheels off for a long time. Andrew took them off and she is finally riding without them and she literally spent the entire day, except to eat, riding. She is riding a very small bike that she feels safe on and can catch herself very easily. She could ride a bigger one – she just likes to be able to easily put her feet down on the ground. Everyone went out to watch and encourage today and Piper rode so much and was so tired that she fell asleep while she was eating dinner. 

Friday was our cooking day and we didn’t actually cook. We made smoothies which were part of the cooking class. The kids loved them — the second best thing we have made. 


Sewing Class Again

Bethany and Tess had their second sewing class today and they made another pillow case. This time they made a Christmas one. Tess made hers for Sarah and Bethany made hers for me. They both really love this class. Their next class is in two weeks and then they are making Christmas placemats. 
I took this picture of Bethany with hers and didn’t even pay any attention to the fact she had dirt all over her face – she had been playing in the backyard. 

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