Bethany has loved to hand sew things for a long time. She got a book on sewing for Christmas this past year and has spent many hours looking through it and sewing things from the book. She has asked several times to take a sewing class and I finally looked to see what I could find. She wanted a class that taught sewing by hand and not a machine. But, I only found one of those and it was full. So, I asked if she wanted to try a class that used sewing machines and she decided she would give it a try. She was actually worried that she was going to get her finger caught under the needle and sew her finger, though I told her multiple times that wasn’t going to happen. So, she went to the class a little uncertain if she would like it. 
 Bethany and Tess were both signed up, and today was their first day of class. It was actually a private session with just the two of them so they could get the attention they needed to get started. They both had picked out fall fabric to make pillow cases and were pretty excited. The class was wonderful and they both had such a good time. Bethany was so excited that she literally beamed. She loved the entire class and said at least ten times to the instructor how much she loved sewing. I don’t think I have ever seen her enjoy something so much. They both made pillow cases and were thrilled with them. They are going back in two weeks to make a Christmas pillow case – Bethany said she is making one for me and Tess is making one for Sarah. 
They both are so excited about sewing now and can’t wait to go get new fabric. Bethany said she will still like sewing by hand but thinks that she may like using a sewing machine better – though we don’t have one as I don’t sew. So, now she is talking about getting a sewing machine. 
Bethany came home and got out her sewing book and made an apron. Right now this is her favorite thing to do. 


  1. My Granny started giving me sewing lessons when I was 7. I am so thankful, and I love to sew. Bethany and Tess are going to thoroughly enjoy the learning process! Looks like it's time to get a machine. I have a Kenmore machine that I've been using for 10 years. It works like a dream and has never even needed to be serviced.

  2. Bethany is talking about getting a sewing machine but I told her she would have to wait and see. But, it is something I am considering.

  3. When I was in 7th grade I also caught the sewing bug when I took a class at school. I loved it so much that my mom helped me get a machine in 8th grade (back then they were about $75 – this was around 1980). My mom died several years ago and this is one of my favorite memories of her and how she supported me with my love of sewing even though she didn't sew at all. The sewing machine was a big expense as she was a single mom to several children and it definitely was not a necessity. I still have that machine and a couple years ago my 11 year old son wanted to learn so we also made some pillow cases and dolls. I know that excitement Bethany has – it's a great hobby and many of my cherished memories from those years involve my sewing.

    Sue H.

  4. That is really a lovely story – and so sweet that your son used the same machine you did. I do think Bethany is going to enjoy this for a long time and it really thrills me that something so simple makes her so happy.

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