What A Day

Today my stepfather had back surgery. One thing I didn’t mention when I wrote about our Christmas was that on top of everyone being sick my stepfather broke his back. Right before Christmas. This was definitely a Christmas we will remember. So, today was the day for surgery. My mom, Meredith, Emily, Abigail and I all sat together and waited most of the day as they operated. It was a long day wondering how he was doing and waiting to hear something.
Then while we were sitting there I got a text that Joey was not doing well and Shannon needed to get him to the hospital. My daughter, Anna, ran over to watch the kids and Shannon called an ambulance. Joey was disoriented, feeling awful, out of breath and couldn’t even get out of the bed. The ambulance got there and they went to VCU emergency room. He is still there getting fluids and a CT scan and an MRI along with lab work. 
We continued to wait for the surgery at one hospital and Joey was on his way to another hospital. A pretty stressful day. The surgery went very well. My daughter in Georgia actually called us to tell us everything, as the doctor called her instead of talking to us — because she is a doctor and had been corresponding with him since the Friday before Christmas. So, now he is in ICU for a day or so. Then probably some rehab. We are very thankful that he came through surgery so well. 
It has definitely been stressful here the past few weeks. And my daughter reminded me the other day that I never mentioned that during the Christmas Eve candlelight service, her daughter, Reagan’s hat caught on fire. Now that was a panic moment. As we were all holdling candles and singing, I looked over and saw the strings of her hat in flames and heard Reagan say “Mommy, this candle is too hot.” I instinctively reached over and slapped the flame and the fire went out pretty easily and it didn’t reach her hair – thank goodness. A very scary moment.
Reagan at my house before Christmas. She actually took having her hat on fire very nonchalantly. 
I kept Evelyn for John the other day and gave her a little snack. She loved it.


  1. Wow, you have a lot going. It must be especially challenging when this is time of year when so many other things are going on. I will be sure to lift you all up prayer and hope that things settle down as you move into the new year. I loved seeing your beautiful Christmas pictures.

  2. Praying that everyone is doing better now…I hope 2017 brings wonderful things, especially for Joey. Sorry to hear he is still not feeling well.

  3. Joey is actually feeling better today after getting fluids at the hospital. Thanks.

  4. Thanks so much.

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