Girls Will Be Girls

I was going to post about Bethany’s visit to the CF clinic today, but there really isn’t much to say — which is a very good thing. Her PFT’s were great, her lungs clear and basically she looked good. She had even gained weight which was a real surprise. 
So instead, I thought I would post a few pictures of Sarah and Caroline fixing Bella up — a little spa day for Bella. As far as they are concerned, you are never too young to get your nails done and primp a little. Bella actually sat still for Sarah to put a little lipstick on her and do her nails, etc. I thought Bella looked pretty adorable when they were done. No, there are no pictures of Sophia getting her nails done as she will not stand for that right now. She definitely isn’t ready for girl’s spa day or anything close to it. Maybe in a few months. 








  1. How fun! What a little doll!

  2. Precious :). When we tried to do Anya's nails she would not stop touching them! I tried and tried to get those nails painted but when she scratched her head and ended up with pink hair I decided it was pointless!

  3. Bella was quite good and seemed to really get into the whole thing. She even let her nails dry.

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