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Friday Night Pizza

I have started feeding my grandkids dinner on Friday nights this summer. It is a nice way to have all the kids play together and the adults can all visit. Most of the grandkids come and I think they have fun playing together. It is nice that my younger kids and grandkids can all get along and play well. Last Friday we cooked hotdogs on the grill and this evening we had pizza. We always have ice cream after dinner. It has been a lot of fun so far and I think I will do it for most of the summer. 
My granddaughter, Madelyn, eating on the porch. 

Four of my grandkids with ice cream. In the second picture Bella had to get in — she is the aunt and my baby.


Reagan wanted me to get this picture of her acting silly. She is my first grandchild and will be starting school this year.





Piper loves to play with her nieces and nephews — especially when they  are outside and ice cream is involved.



Most of the kids on the porch are my kids — not grandkids, except for Madelyn. They enjoy the evening, too.


1,262 Hours

Last weekend Bethany’s vest machine died on us. It was our third machine. She had clocked 1,262 hours on it since she had gotten it 15 months earlier. She seems to really go through machines. So, we made an emergency call on Saturday and luckily got them before 12:00 so a new machine could be sent out that day and she got it on Monday. I will say they are fast to deliver. When I think of how many hours she has sat on that vest it is hard to believe. She actually didn’t have as many hours on this one as she usually does as it died pretty fast. She has sat doing her vest therapy for thousands and thousands of hours over the years and she usually does it good naturedly, and I try to provide special things for her to do as she sits — games, art supplies, paper dolls, etc. It can be tedious for her, but it is so important for her lung health. 
Our daughter, Megan, is visiting from Louisiana with her two year old and her 10 week old twins. This picture is of Bethany holding the girl – Penny. Funny, their outfits almost exactly matched and we did not plan this — they both arrived at church wearing these. 
Joey found an abandoned baby fawn in his yard yesterday and it is adorable. They are now working hard on getting him taken care of. 

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