Clinical Trial

Today was Bethany’s clinical trial day. We left home at 7:10 to go to the hospital and spent most of our day there. We are at the end of the trial now and she will no longer be on the trial drug. We think it has been helpful for her as she has been in good health this past year. Her pulmonologist wants to start her on a new medication that he thinks is even better and with less side affects. We filled out all the forms today and now we just wait to see what our insurance company says. I am so glad that Bethany was able to be included in this trial and thankful her doctor got her into it. Today she looks good and feels good and doesn’t even have a cough. We are blessed. 

This evening she was outside catching lightning bugs and then letting them go again. Love this warm weather and the feel of summer almost here.


  1. How does she catch them? I have them at my place and would love to catch them (then let them go?

  2. She just uses a mason jar or her bug catcher and watches for them to light up. Then she catches them with hands and puts them in the container but only keeps them a short time. We always let them go.

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