Fourth of July

Each year on the 4th of July we have family and friends over for a cook out and a small neighborhood celebration. Yesterday was no exception. We cooked out, visited, and watched small fireworks in our cul-de-sac. We look forward to sharing this day with Allysen and Bella next year. 

















  1. These pictures are amazing. I love the patriotic clothing on the kids – so cute.

    Sue H.

  2. Thanks, Sue.

  3. Is THAT your house??? if so, I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH IT! What a gorgeous house and awesome porch! No wonder you all like hanging out on the porch so much! Your kids are all adorable – I've just come across your blog and enjoyed reading over the past few months and your journey to adopt Allysen and Bella. So excited for you all. Would you be willing to tell me how many kids you have? I am a little confused by the "older" and "younger" kids – obviously the older kids are not in the group picture at the top of the blog! How many are adopted? Your younger son – that poor boy being surrounded by so many girls! Will be looking forward to more updates and when you get the 2 new ones home. Will be praying for you all. ~Katie

  4. Katie, I am assuming that you are asking about the Victorian house when you ask if it is our house. Actually, it is our neighbor across the street. Our house is near the bottom of the page and is hard to see, but it is the one where all the kids and people are on the sidewalk and grass watching fireworks — our house is in the background. I use "older" and "younger" basically to separate our children that live at home from the ones that are gone — in college or out on their own. We have adopted 7 of our children. We don't really mention on our blog which children are adopted for their privacy. Some of our adopted children do not tell others that they are adopted at this time and I let that be their choice. I did mention that we adopted two girls with DS as I'm sure it was pretty obvious that we didn't give birth to 3 girls with DS. Caroline and Claire do not care at all and don't really understand the difference in "biological" and "adopted".

  5. Gotcha, Sharon. No worries about telling more. Just one last question – how many children do you have? Looking forward to more updates on the newest additions. 🙂

  6. We have 11 bio children and 7 adopted.

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