Day Four With Allysen

So today we took Allysen to get her visa picture taken. She really enjoyed the ride and kept turning to look out one window then the other one. They had a hard time getting her picture done as she would not hold her head up. Finally our interpreter had to hold her head up so they could get it. Because his hand was in the picture we had to wait a little over an hour so they could remove his hand from the pic. We walked to a little park and sat there while we waited.
After we picked up the pictures we went back to the orphanage and played with Allysen. She was so tired that we finally ended up just holding her and walking her around. She seemed pretty alert today and even let the social hold her up in a standing position while we were in the park. — well, she really fought standing but finally did for a couple of minutes. As long as someone is holding her up, she will put weight on her legs. But, she tires very quickly and will then drop her head down and pretty much give up. The social worker also sat her on the bench for me to get some pictures and she sat fairly well. 
She really did seem to like the trip out today and seemed to feel so much better than she did yesterday. She does have a little cold and maybe that makes her feel kind of bad. Tomorrow is our last visit with her so I hope she is feeling well.
We will leave this city tomorrow and go back to the capitol city. Then we travel to Bella’s region. Her orphanage is in a very small village and there is not even a hotel there so we will be staying in a different town instead of her village. We were told that we may not have Internet, so I’m not sure if we will be able to post about Bella. I am hoping that we will be able to. I am posting some pictures of Allysen in the park today. She really did enjoy getting out and riding in the car– it was so good to see her interested in everything.









  1. She looks so sweet! I hope you have a nice final visit with her and we can't wait to see Bella.


  2. OK I think it is really strange that they didn't let us take Anya to get her picture taken. They said they would take care of it. I thought that was odd but figured that is just they way they do it there. Apparently not. That's frustrating. Loved today's pictures. She is so beautiful!

  3. Ah poor little thing – she does look so tired. Maybe she is being given some type of medication at the orphanage that is sedating her? I hope so. It will be nice to see her smile and laugh.

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey! I had the same thought Lisa mentioned…is it possible Allysen is being sedated, and if so would they have told you?

  5. Just to clarify, when I said "I hope so." I didn't mean I hope they sedated her, I meant that then there would be a reason that can change and won't effect her when she is home.

  6. I have thought about that, but when I look at all the kids running around (special needs included) I feel like it is very unlikely. There were two other kids with DS on the playground the other day and they looked really good, so I have to think why would they do it to Allysen and not the others? My oldest daughter had to take my 15 year old to the pediatrician yesterday and mentioned Allysen to her and the fact that she seems to have trouble with her right side and she told my daughter that Allysen could have had a stroke — maybe before birth.

  7. I knew what you meant and you are right — it would actually be an easy fix. I could be wrong, but I just feel like they are not doing that. It really does seem like a pretty decent orphanage — as orphanages go.

  8. Well regardless of the cause, I'm sure she will have much more opportunity to progress once she is home. She is a sweetie.

  9. Such a beautiful little girl! Maybe she's taking something for her cold?? Some of those meds make you drowsy. I can't wait to see her beautiful black hair all grown out. She looks like she has a gentleness about her. I'm praying that her cold is just wiping her out and that she will be peppier on your next trip!
    Oh, and I love all of the photos you've shared. The country is so pretty. Appears to be much more simple and a calmer pace than we have in the U.S.. Lots of bright colors and pretty items foe sale there! Umm, I'll take ANY of that candy you photographed! ; )
    Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) about your meeting Miss Bella! Hugs ~ Jo

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