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Sophia is definitely not Bella’s idea of a fun swim mate. She is extremely aggressive in the water – much to Bella’s dismay. She seems to enjoy making Bella scream — I say this as she was usually smiling as she was grabbing. 
I think Bella likes to swim solo. 
Unfortunately, this summer, Bella and Sophia have to swim at different times. Sophia just gets too wound up in the pool and Bella spends all of her time trying to get away from Sophia. I miss them getting in together, but after only two tries it just didn’t seem to work out. Water sure makes Sophia come alive!

Pool Fun?

Granddaughter, Reagan, visited yesterday while her mom ran to the gym. I thought she and Bella might like to get into the little pool on our deck. So, I took off their clothes, got the swim diapers on them and put them in. I could see immediately that Reagan loved the water. 
Bella is a little more timid than Reagan when she first gets into the pool. She has to warm up to the experience. Reagan jumped right in and got started splashing water everywhere — but, especially on Bella. 
Bella was ok at first — for maybe a couple of minutes.
It didn’t take her long to tire of the splashing game — especially since she was the one getting all of the splashing. 

One of them was having fun even if the other one wasn’t. 
Bella tried to get a little revenge, but she wasn’t very good at it and Reagan couldn’t have cared less.
I know at least one of them had a blast. Reagan ended her pool time with a popsicle.

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