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Holiday Activities

We had a nice Thanksgiving with family this year. It was really nice as last year we had a small Thanksgiving with just us here. Almost everyone came this year and I loved it. Then on Saturday after Thanksgiving we all went to get a Christmas tree. Actually, only a few of us went together and then went back to the house to eat. It was a nice time and kicked off the Christmas season. The kids are so excited that tomorrow is December 1 and we will start our Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas. I can’t believe it is time to do it again. I seemed to have kind of slipped lately on posting and now realize we have twenty-four days in a row I am supposed to post what we do. For those who have not followed us in December we try to do something small every single day in December leading up to Christmas. We got this idea from one of our favorite books The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas by Madeleine L’Engle. In this book the family does something everyday leading up to Christmas day – usually something small but still special. Several years ago the kids thought it would be a good idea for us to do this and so we did it that year and they have never wanted to stop. We do small things – sometimes really small. This is about our favorite thing to do in December.

I am posting pictures of the past week – kids making ornaments, getting the tree, etc.

New Baby Coming

Our daughter Abigail and her husband Jonathan are having a baby in the spring – a little boy! We are all so happy and excited. Actually, it was rather funny when I told the kids about the baby being a boy as one of our girls was actually disappointed – she had been hoping it would be a Chinese girl!

I thought I would just post the picture they put up when they announced to friends today.

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