End of Summer Baking

With summer just about over and my guilt over not doing enough, I let the kids spend the day baking and making a mess in the kitchen. Tess made her first batch of cookies all by herself. Caroline did stand there and watch and coach, but Tess did everything herself and was so proud when they were done. She absolutely loves to bake. She asks just about every single day if she can make something. 
They made two kinds of cookies, a crumb cake and a pumpkin pie. After Andrew had mixed all the spices together for the pie he brought it to me to smell and the first thing that went through my head was – Christmas. It smelled just like Christmas. Delicious. 

Bethany spent just about all of her day in her room sewing a doll from a sock. She never even came down to bake. She has talked about making a doll for weeks and yesterday I took her to get some needles and thread and buttons for eyes. So, today was her sewing day, I guess. 
Piper watches most of the time. She doesn’t really help or seem to mind that she only watches. She has trouble doing many of the things that Tess has learned to do so quickly. We are taking her to see a developmental pediatrician this fall.
One thing for sure – she is a happy girl just about all the time.  

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