Summer’s End

I have really enjoyed this summer — the one we decided to do almost nothing. We have spent a lot of time at home — kids playing outside and reading. We have gone to the pool and our local amusement park several times, out for ice cream and had a family video night — one where I actually talked my older kids into coming over and watching our old family videos. I feel like I have been able to spend more time reading to the kids and just talking to them, without having to rush around. I am not sure if my daughter that suggested we do nothing this summer will feel the same way next summer, but I for one have really enjoyed the slower pace. I am rather sad for summer to end — even though I do love fall. 

In three weeks we will start back to school. Sarah and Caroline are very excited about school as they have new backpacks. We do home school so they don’t really wear the backpacks out anywhere but  keep all of their school books in them so they will stay together. I am finishing up plans and getting last minute books so we will have everything we need to start — I feel like I need more time. 
I bought a set of tiny fairies for Bethany and she has played and played with them outside under the trees. 






My granddaughter, Reagan, came to visit weekly this summer. Last week when she came she sat in the high chair and watched Sarah and Jordan make brownies.







Bella and Sophia enjoy their pool — well, Bella does when Sophia is not pulling her hair. 


                                                                       Lazy Summer!


  1. Maybe you did this somewhere awhile ago but I am curious about your family. Could you do a post that is a break down of all of your children bio/adopted and from where?

  2. I keep meaning to do a post that highlights each different child but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I will try to do it sometime soon.

  3. Reagan looks so big! Love all the summer pictures. I'm in denial that it's end of summer…glad your take-it-easy summer turned out so great! Rachel wants me to ask where you bought the fairies?

  4. I ordered the fairies from Amazon and they are sold by Magic Cabin. Bethany loves them and going outside to play with them is the first thing she wants to do every morning after her treatments.

  5. Ahh, it looks like a perfect summer. Glad everyone got to relax. Nice pictures of the bathing beauties! I was hoping that the water time would help Sophia be more "in the moment". I guess if she pulled poor Bella's hair she was in the moment. 🙂

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