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Travel Dates

We have travel dates! Abigail and I will be leaving for China on Saturday the 2nd of January. I was so shocked when I was told our Gotcha Day was January 4th. I was thinking the middle of January. So now I feel so rushed. I have been running around doing paperwork and getting things notarized and trying to finish Christmas shopping. 
We arrive in China on Sunday night and then Monday we finally meet our daughter. I don’t even know if she knows we are coming. We did send a photo book to her, but not sure if she got it or what she was told — we sent the same book to both girls. We have to travel to another province to meet our second daugher and have her Gotcha Day. 
It is hard to believe that this is all coming to an end and we will finally have both girls very soon. I have never traveled to China to adopt so am a little apprehensive. But, I was blessed to have one of my blog readers email me and give me an email address for a friend of hers that is also getting ready to leave for China to adopt — her sixth child. Her friend was able to give me some much appreciated advice and information. We spent an evening on the phone and she was such a help. At least now I feel like I am a little better prepared. 
On top of all this running around and trying to get everything done, we got a call from our CF clinic. I had tried to get Bethany into a clinical trial back in the fall and was told we would know if we got in by the end of November. It is very competitive. I asked several times and it didn’t look good. Then as soon as I got the call with a Gotcha Day date for our daughter, I got the call from the hospital that Bethany was “in” and needed to be at the hospital on December 29th for an 8 hour appointment. So much to do and then an entire day spent at the hospital — 4 days before we have to be on our flight. That’s the way things happen, I guess. So, next week Bethany has her first appointment. Hopefully, she will remain in the trial — there are some things that could change her status at her first appointment. 
I have been so busy that I haven’t even taken any pictures this week and only had about 15 pictures in my camera from last week. So I just have a couple of Bella in one of her Christmas dresses on our front porch. 


Travel Approval!

Today I got the call from our agency telling us we have TA! We are now waiting to see if one of the provinces will let us pick up one of the girls on a day other than Monday. That will determine if we can shorten our trip some. I’m having a hard time believing that we are almost done. Now we just wait on our travel dates. 



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