USCIS Approval

Well, I can’t believe it but on Thursday I got notification that we have USCIS approval. I knew it was going to be another week or two but somehow it happened in a matter of days. Maybe now things will start moving and we will get a court date soon and travel this fall. I am so excited  — it is finally getting close. 

Claire got her contacts this week and hopefully they will help her eyes hold straight after her botox. It took over an hour to get them in on our first visit, but once I got home and tried it on my own I got them in pretty quickly  — in probably 3 or 4 minutes. The problem is that they are fairly large and her eyes are so small that I have to slide them up under her upper eyelid and that can be hard as she doesn’t really enjoy the process. If this ends up being too much trouble we were told we could have some made special order that are smaller but obviously much more expensive. We are going to give these a try and if it is too difficult to get them in and out we will go with the special order contacts. 

Here are a few photos from our trip to Carytown Optical to get Claire’s contacts. She was pretty excited to go but lost her enthusiasm very quickly. 


This is a neat little shop next to the optician’s office.
I didn’t go in so I really don’t know what they sell, but it did look interesting.
Claire and Bethany playing on our front steps.



  1. Congratulations!! That is a big step 🙂

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