The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 7

Today we did something we have done for several years. We filled jars with candy for the workers at the McDonald’s near us. They are always so friendly and helpful when we go there – actually remembering I need extra BBQ sauce for Sarah when I go through the drive through and forget to ask for it. I will get up to the window to pay and they ask if I forgot to ask for the BBQ sauce. I guess they know us too well. Anyway, we filled the jars and took them up there and dropped them off. We will take more tomorrow morning for the morning shift.

We later decided to look for a child to sponsor for this coming year and spent about an hour going through list after list of children. We have narrowed it down to two children – both girls. One of them is a 5 year old in Bolivia and the other is an 11 year old in Bangladesh. I think we might have to do both of them as we could not decide which one.

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