The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 9

Today our special thing was unplanned, but very exciting to the kids. We knew it was supposed to snow but I don’t always believe it when I hear it. We really don’t get that much snow here. So, today when it started snowing early in the morning I knew I needed to run out and get gloves and boots. Of course, I knew they would all be gone and I was right. I got all the gloves I could find and it did not matter what size and same for the boots. Thankfully most fit – a few gloves were a little big and one pair too small. But, they worked and the kids had a blast. So, our special thing was to play in the snow and then come in and drink hot chocolate and watch old family videos – Christmas ones. They love doing all of those things and it was a great day — for the kids. I don’t love the mess it makes, but it is worth it. 







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