S’mores and More

Wednesday evening was an evening that my oldest daughter, Meredith, had been planning without our knowledge for quite awhile. She wanted all the family to go to her house and have an evening of s’mores and fun together. She was pretty determined that this would be attended by all family that was near enough to come. She let us know we needed to make a way to come, and not change our minds, as this was important to her. So, everyone opened up their schedule so they could be at Meredith’s house around 6:00 Wednesday night. I thought she was a little over stressed and letting this night together cause a little more anxiety than it needed to, but I knew she wanted it to be special. Well, it ended up being more special than any of us imagined it would. Instead of trying to write all about it I will just put up my daughter, Katie’s, Facebook page.
Katie has always said she didn’t want a wedding. She has been engaged since last Christmas. We have asked her over and over about getting married — when and where. She has insisted she did NOT want a wedding and just wanted to go to the courthouse. She just doesn’t like a lot of attention on herself.  I think she has been telling us since she was about 13 years old that she would not have a wedding. I had come to the point that I knew she actually meant it. 
But, my oldest daughter managed to talk her into getting married quietly in her backyard — with just family there. After several days of trying to convince her, Katie agreed. None of us knew. We were totally surprised but very happy for Katie and Ben. Katie looked so happy and it was a lovely evening. So, we all went to eat s’mores and actually ended up attending a wedding. 
We are all so happy for Katie and Ben — and thrilled we all got to be at the wedding she didn’t plan to have. 


  1. Glad she had her family there. Still a no fuss wedding that she wanted.
    Congrats to them!

  2. How cool is that?!

  3. Definitely a surprise but a good one. I've been wondering how you and your family are doing.

  4. This is awesome! I shared it with my daughter who is engaged and doesn't want a fussy wedding!

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